Installing a new uPVC window.

If this is your first project, then we advise you to start with something easy.
Try a small  window, but once you gain experience and confidence you’ll be ready to tackle more challenging windows.
Follow our guide carefully to help you through each step of the process.


uPVC Window Fitting GuideYou Will Need:

  •   Hammer Drill
  •   Screw Drill
  •   Chisel
  •   Screwdriver
  •   Spirit Level
  •   Polyeurathane based caulking
  •   Saw
  •   Shims
  •   5/32" Concrete Drill Bit
  •   3/8" Steel Bit




  • 1. Make sure there is a lintel above any window before you remove it, as uPVC windows are not designed to be load bearing.
  • 2. Check that size and style of window matches your order.
  • 3. Clean site around window, including removal of ornaments and curtains


Removal of Existing Window: 

    • 1. First remove operable parts of window by using a screwdriver
    • 2. Carefully remove the glass from the inside.
    • 3. On the inside of the window, use a sharp blade to cut through sealant around the frame to minimise damage.
    • 4. Saw through the uprights (mullions) of the frame. ALL cuts should be made at an angle so that the frame can be pulled apart easily.  Don’t  cut  all the way through or you might damage the  masonry. 5

5. Do's and DON'TS

  • Do Handle windows with care.
  • Don’t knock the edges or rest them on concrete, instead use wood blocks or something soft.
  • Don’t over pack or over tighten screws, as this could bend the framework.
  • If your window needs a wedge gasket, don’t cut it too short – an easy mistake to make.
  • Don’t  block drain holes
  • Do push sealant forward, rather than pulling back to ensure it pushes into any gaps.



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