Garage Doors


Doors come in a variety of styles and many sizes.

Those shown are chosen to compliment traditional home styles. Single width garage bay doors are typically 9'-0" wide but may be as small as 8' or wider than 9' when required.

Typical suburban garages feature 7' high doors but we recommend 8' for pickup trucks, vans and today's popular SUVs. For special equipment, Boats, and RVs you should obtain actual dimensions.

In addition to the height required for the doors, you should plan for an additional 1'-6" from the top of the door to the underside of the garage ceiling, to accommodate door tracks and electric openers.

Doors that open out are also available, see listings below for good sources.


Decorative windows add elegance to garage doors. Window styles include square, rectangle and arched.

window style charlestonwindow style charlestonA

  Charleston                                                                     Charleston A


window style colonialwindow style colonialA

 Colonial                                                                           Colonial A


window style cathedralwindow style sunset

  Cathedral                                                                       Sunset


window style sunsetAwindow style sunsetB

  Sunset A                                                                         Sunset B







Our 3-layer construction provides the highest strength, dent resistance, insulation value and security, as well as the quietest operation. This woodgrain embossed steel and deep-embossed Elegant Panel provide a beautiful and stylish exterior. This unit is not part of our installation program. For information on our installation program please contact us.

  • Insulation is pressure-bonded between two layers of hot-dipped galvanized, primed and painted steel.
  • Tongue and groove joints help seal ou t the elements.
  • Top quality nylon rollers provide durability ands quiet operation
  • Great project for Do-It-Yourselfers
  • Tongue and groove section joint for optimum weather sealing

If curb appeal is a must-have for your home, consider investing in a striking new garage door. Not only will it provide security and comfort, it could increase the value of your home by up to 4 percent. After all, garage doors stand front and centre and account for up to 30 percent of the face of your home.






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