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Frameless Shower DoorFrameless shower doors or frameless glass shower doors make shower spaces appear larger because they look as if they aren’t there, separating the shower parts of bathroom from the rest. If you’re still stuck with a traditional bathroom with framed or semi-framed shower doors, or are getting a shower door repair, why should you ride the frameless trend instead?

Frameless Shower Doors are Modern, Safe and Sturdy

Modern bathroom design includes installing shower doors that are frameless. Modern bathrooms achieve their clean, simple and contemporary yet elegant look through their walk-in showers with frameless doors. These doors make bathrooms feel more spacious than their framed and semi-framed counterparts.

If you worry that a glass door might break because it looks like it lacks support, don’t because makers of glass shower doors make sure that their products stand the test of time. Durable and thick, these doors last longer than traditional shower doors. If they do break, they don’t do so in splinters, but into round-edged glass pieces, so you won’t have to worry about your safety with a frameless shower door. So if you’re considering a glass shower door as your shower door replacement, you’ll get a sleek, high-quality and safe shower door.

Having Frameless Glass Doors Makes Cleaning Easy

Because a frameless shower door is durable and tougher than it looks, you can clean it with a slightly abrasive scrub without worrying about destroying it. Compared with wooden shower doors or other shower doors made of different materials, frameless shower doors are very easy to clean. Clean it with a glass cleaner for everyday maintenance.

If soap scum does get onto your shower door, it will be very easy to spot. The best part is that you don’t even have to buy chemicals to clean it. You can make your own cleaning remedies for the grime stuck on your frameless shower door. Just spray on some vinegar on the door then let it stay there for about 20 minutes. Then rub off all the dirt that’s stuck there. You can also mix cornstarch with water then rub the mixture against your shower door with a rubbing pad.

Frameless Glass Doors Can Be Designed According to Your Interests

Most homeowners get transparent glass doors. But if you’re getting a shower fitted in your kid’s bathroom, you can make him choose a design for his shower door that can go all the way around his glass shower enclosure. Whether it’s his favorite cartoon character or some other design, it’s easy to have your child’s chosen design painted on his frameless shower door. It’ll even make it easier to make him take a bath.

Of course, you can also have your own shower door get a design that suits you. You can get a shower door that’s transparent yellow and have swirly sun designs on it. Whatever design you can think of, it can surely be incorporated into your glass door. You can also choose whether your frameless shower door will be made to slide or swing or fold in two.

Getting frameless shower doors installed in your bathrooms takes away all the problems you have with your traditional doors, like difficulty in cleaning them, so go modern and get frameless glass shower doors fitted in your shower areas.


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