Alcor's Privacy Fencing

Let's do something great for your home and your lifestyle.

With ALCOR'S  vinyl privacy fencing, there's no painting or scraping. Ever. ALCOR  fencing keeps its good look for decades with just an occasional spray from a garden hose, leaving your time free to enjoy the peaceful tranquility of your yard.


Discover how PVC vinyl fencing by ALCOR gives you:
  1. A better lifetime cost compared to wood  fencing
  2. Dramatically reduced maintenance time and cost
  3. Virtually unlimited flexibility to create the perfect complement to your home and yard


ALCOR'S PVC vinyl fencing gives you the choice of either full or semi-privacy fencing to give you control over the level of security and airflow within your yard.

  1. Full privacy fences are engineered with interlocking tongue and groove boards to provide complete privacy. The boards extend deeply into our rail system to compensate for simple elevation changes.

  2. Semi-private fences are a beautiful way to keep people and animals right where you want them, and allow for greater airflow throughout the yard.

So Many Choices, Your Privacy Fence is Limited Only by Your Imagination

  • Three cap choices to add accent and charm to your fence designs
  • Lattice privacy fence - decorative lattice added to the top of your fence can give a truly unique look
  • Privacy panels interlock for complete privacy




Give Your Yard a Lifetime of Good Looks and Charm with Quality Vinyl Picket Fencing

Thanks to modern-day technology, you can have all the wonderful aesthetics those old-time picket fences brought to a yard, with none of the drudgery. ALCOR fencing components allow you and your fencing professional to create the ultimate complement to your front or back yard. Your picket fencing takes on your own individual style for security, privacy, traffic flow or aesthetics.


Vinyl Picket Fence = Low Maintenance Lifestyle

The problem homeowners often have with their wooden picket fence is all the extra surface area between pickets creates more areas to scrape and paint. The angles can be awkward and maintenance is extremely time-consuming or costly.

Vinyl picket fence rescues you from any maintenance other than the occasional spray with a garden hose, or brushing off grass clippings. ALCOR'S picket fencing is composed of rigid PVC with UV inhibitors and additives to make it impervious to the elements, yet flexible enough to resist cracking.



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