Life as A Window

How long will a window or door last? Most of today's windows are made from a frame material and an insulating glass "sandwich" - each component subject to wear, weathering, and potential failure. Weatherstripping in the frame and moving parts can wear out with use. An insulating glass panel may suffer a broken seal after years of expansion and contraction with temperature changes - creating a "fogged" look as moisture accumulates between the glass panels.

According the the USA's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), some windows can last up to 50 years. Some of the factors that go into the determination include:

bulletsFrame Material
bulletsQuality construction practices and building style
bulletsProduct quality
bulletsClimate and exposure
bulletsRoutine care and maintenance
bulletsReplacement of parts that wear with use

With an Alcor guaranteed product that's cared for, you can expect to increase the service life.


Do's & Don'ts

Clean the frame surfaces
Use a glass cleaner or mild detergent
Clean tracks and drain-holes
Check weather stripping and hardware
Clean your insulating glass with proper cleaning agents
Choose certified windows and exterior glass doors
Read and understand your manufacturer's warranty and install per the manufacturer's instruction
Use a razor blade, putty knife or abrasive pad
Use any petroleum-based cleaners or solvents
Use oil-based lubricants or damage drain-hole covers/baffles
Live with poor performing components
Make your window or door openings before consulting your window/door supplier.
Settle for products that do not meet important air, water, structural, forced entry and thermal performance standards
Add attachments to window or glass without approval from the window manufacturer


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