Alcor's Casment windows, the newest trend in contemporary look, Unobstructed view. The capture the breeze and provide excellent ventelation

Because casement windows open outward, they can be placed freely in any home without blocking lamps plants ot other indoor item.

Casement Window



The Ultimate Weather Barrier

Maintainance-free for life

  • The window profiles is made from an exclusive 100% virgin uPVC powder coumpound that is entirely lead-free
  • The special compound gives the system better resistance to impact and discoloration.
  • The window profile are maintenance-free and will not crack, blister or wark

No leaks, no fuss, no moisture

  • Our patented drainage sysyem eliminates water faster and more efficiently than any other sysytem on the market.
  • You no longer have to worry about water damage to your windows.

No drafy, no energy loss

  • Aittightness is ensureed by tripple or quadruple weather stripping ( depending on window model)Air, dust and dirt infiltration are virtually eliminated.
  • Result: greatest confort-and lower utility bills.
  • Frame provision prevents the crushing of the bubble weather strip.

Multibenificial Frames

  • The multi-chamber profiloe have more chambers than any competing product
  • Transition from hot to cold inside the structure is gradual. Our system provides superior thermal insulation-and the frame is distortion proof
  • Multiple air chamber provides excellent sound reduction.



Alcor Windows

Bay windows using ALCOR'S Series 1500 Casement Windows






Alcor Bow upvc windows

A Bow window using ALCOR'S Series 1500 Casement Windows



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