Add flair and individuality to your home by enhancing it with one of Alcors's many different architectural shapes. From Triangles to Trapezoids, Eyebrows to Ellipses and everything in between, we offer nearly unlimited options to customize your home’s appearance.


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Fixed window with  arch using 1500 series.



Fixed window with  arch using 1500 series.

Alcor offers architectural shapes to combine  with any series of windows and doors you choose. Architectural shapes give a   dramatic effect and creative appeal to your  construction project,whether contemporary or traditional.

  Architectural transoms also adds height to a window or door while  allowing more light in and also does a great job in adding character and style to large combinations of fixed windows.





As the architect comes with innovative designs, we also bring new trends to the Jamaican market. Some of our products are shown below:

Arched Windows are manufactured as per the customer's  requirements and make a statement in style. Alcor uses the  latest  in   bending technology  and  large  radius arches can be manufactured from  uPVC at an economical cost.





Projecting Windows are useful in bathrooms  for venting puposes  and a hexagon or octagon projecting  adds character and style to a usually small windows. Hexagon and Octagon projecting are avaible from the 1500 series , 4000 series and the 6000 series casement line of windows.





These are some of the architectural shapes ALCOR can combine with any window or door style you choose.

Most shapes are used as fixed  units with window or door combinations  with the exception of octagons and hexagons, which as mentioned above,are available in operable units.


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