Interior designers and home owners are always on the look out for environmentally friendly, inexpensive and practical options to wood and wood based products, primarily to reduce costs but also to minimize maintenance and upkeep. UPVC is an low-cost solution for your window and door design, and once fitted should last for many years with no need for repairs and little maintenance as they require no painting or weather-proofing required and will not rot, warp, peel or rust.

UPVC windows are manufactured from poly vinyl chloride and contain galvanized steel which is the reason they are perfect for homeowners.  UPVC will ensure outside noise is kept to a minimum. At Alcor you'll find a wide selection of UPVC windows suitable for every type of new or replacement project, allowing you plenty of options when it comes to choosing quality exterior windows for your home. They are smart, straightforward to fit, require little maintenance and are competitively priced.

UPVC also provides a higher level of insulation against outdoor noises and is predominantly popular in areas located near to busy roads, motorways or train lines. Window systems are generally guaranteed for up to 10 years and available in a wide choice of colors and finishes to suit any building. UPVC windows are expressly designed for fast, easy production and fitting.

Highly effective against harsh weather conditions, unlike wood, iron and aluminum, if you're looking for premium, smart, replacement windows or doors that offer value for money UPVC is the clear choice as an attractive and practical way to ensure your family home is safe and secure.


Although experts disagree on the detail of what causes 'pinking', what they do agree on, however, is the following:

  • The discolouration known as 'pinking' only manifests itself in pvc containing lead which affects both window profile and cellular pvc.
  • Depending on levels of exposure most 'pinking' doesn't appear for several years after installation
  • There is no definitive test to assess what level of lead in a formulation will result in pinking.
  • 100% lead free formulation is the only way to protect against eventual 'pinking'.

At ALCOR we have a strong commitment to the environment and have long embraced the alternative to lead stabilizers in our uPVC extrusions. We completely acknowledge the 'superior' weathering characteristics of 'non-lead' formulations.

leadfree icon2Despite the issue of 'fading' or 'discoloration' many manufacturers continue to produce or import the cheapest product, but the informed consumers now want a product they know will perform not only on a long term basis but one which is both environmentally friendly and which protects the consumers' interests.

That's why ALCOR is committed to 100% lead free uPVC Windows & Doors and why we guarantee our product's longevity in our 'Limited Lifetime Warranty', guaranteeing the consumer against any form of 'fading' or 'discoloration'.



Our 'Lead Free Policy' applies to all series of uPVC windows and doors fabricated by ALCOR. 

Specification Docs

Full details about all our window specifications can be found in comprehensive documentation package available for free download.

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B.I.D. International Quality Award 2011

BID International Quality Award received by ALCOR at B. I.D International Quality Summit at the Marriott Marquis in New York, May 30, 2011.

B.I.D. International Quality Award 2011

Alcor Windows and Doors Limited! - manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors in Jamaica. .... Proud recipient of the B.I.D. International Quality Summit Award 2011 (In the Gold Category).

B.I.D. International Quality Award 2011

The quality award was designed to recognise companies worldwide for their commitment to quality and excellence, a major achievement for Alcor.

Developers & Architects

UPVC window systems are suitable for any building, for private homes to apartment buildings and from schools to commercial office blocks..

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The main objective is to find a professional renovator with the skills to accomplish the range of work in your renovation. Keep in mind you'll be opening...


Home Owners

The main objective is to find a professional renovator with the skills to accomplish the range of work in your renovation. Keep in mind you'll be opening...


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